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Short Bio

What do you get when four guys in an old locomotive are flyin down the tracks to jam heaven at the speed of bluegrass? The Squarshers!

  From their hard hitting stompy southern grooves to their fast chucking in your face brand of string music, The Squarshers are ready to throwdown. They are quite a spectacle, with a stage presence that matches their musical intensity. They are a self proclaimed “groovegrass” band, pulling heavily from funk and jam styles

Swooning vocal harmonies and breakneck banjo licks combine to make a musical storm that doesn't let up. When it rains it pours and when it's pouring groovegrass all you can do is dance.

   The Squarshers are Ryan Kemp on upright bass, John Henry on acoustic guitar, Brennan Johnson on drums, Chris Crovella on Banjo and occasionally Kyle Young on Harmonica.



Short Press Quotes

The Squarshers’ distinctive approach to performing music is apparent right when they walk on stage and you realize that their overall-wearing upright bassist appears to be their frontman, yet they all seem to carry that torch at times as the flow of energy between them seems effortless.
— Kody Ford, from an article in The Idle Class. March 21, 2016
Part of that new unique style comes from drawing on each other’s talents and energies and playing off their fellow bandmates.
— Josh Rouse, from an article in The Lawton Constitution. March 14, 2016


Upcoming shows




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Stage plot

depending on the layout and size of stage we like to set the drums up in a more interesting spot. 

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