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I admire its grim humor, utilitarian philosophical themes, unique universe and especially its well-choreographed and shot action sequences, which play out balletically in the sort of long, patient shots that are so unusual to see in modern action. There is, however, one scene of Watchmen that I can readily admit is unabashedly terrible. You need to watch it. Warning: Some nudity. The scene comes in a celebratory rush of endorphins as Nite Owl and Silk Spectre come down from the high of performing superhero work for the first time in 8 years, following a government ban on costumed heroism.

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Too much UNNECESSARY Nudity : Watchmen

Episode five even opens with a young Wade Tillman being fellated inside a carnival funhouse. The unexpected detour into superhero porn hails from American Hero Story , the Ryan Murphy-esque show-within-the-show that occasionally delves into Watchmen history, albeit with some fairly liberal dramatic license. The exploits of Hooded Justice quickly attracted the attention of the press, inspiring others—like Mason, the original Nite Owl—to don their own costumes and exact a similar brand of vigilante justice. And so, the golden age of regular-people-pretending-be-superheroes was born. Assembling the team was spearheaded by a former Marine named Nelson Gardner, who put his tactical skills and vast wealth toward reinventing himself as Captain Metropolis. After Gardner finally recruited Hooded Justice to the cause, they became The Minutemen, and quickly set to work doling out all-American justice.

‘Watchmen’s’ Full Frontal Nudity Was Unafraid of Nuclear Dong

Into a Sinister Foe. Meghan McCain Mocks St. Superhero movies are typically family affairs.
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