Top fiction books for young adults

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Who said young adult books were just for young adults? According to an oft-cited study from Publisher's Weekly , over half of YA readers are adults. Though they typically focus on teenage characters, YA literature holds an undeniable appeal for adults— perhaps because the fundamentals of life don't change all that much. You go through these cycles and experience the same things over and over again," popular YA author Jenny Han tells OprahMag. Han's To All the Boys trilogy , a hit among teenagers and grown-ups alike , demonstrates the wide popularity of the genre. For adults, the books—often written with immediacy and emotional intensity—can have a transportive quality.

The 20 YA Books Every Adult Should Read

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YA literature has been one of the most consistently popular book genres for years. Also makes you wonder if this system of categorizing books by target audience is dumb to begin with. This is great for fans of suspense. We know, we know It follows a gay teenager, Simon, who gets blackmailed by one of his classmates.

115 Best Young Adult Books of All Time

Several gems are out this year for you to get completely lost in. She attempts to save both of them while their Texas town's racist history bets against her. Behind the scenes, a completely unexpected romance escalates between the classmates who run the accounts. Love mermaids? Go underwater with Bethany C.
Speculative fiction has exploded in the young adult category, and the past decade alone has seen some really incredible works. Here are 25 of the best fantasy books for teens or readers of all ages to check out — everything from princesses to dragons to heists and street gangs. But a job gone wrong gets Ada imprisoned, and soon the girls are on the run from the law.