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Introduction: Aging has a strong influence on the quality of relationships and sexual functioning, but in itself does not cause a lack of sexual desire. Objectives: The aim of this study was to assess the quality of sexual life and define sexual knowledge and attitudes of older people on the example of residents of Bialystok, Poland at the age of 60 and over. Methods: The study included people, inhabitants of Bialystok, Poland aged over 85 students of the University of Healthy Senior and the University of Psychogeriatric Prophylaxis and 85 students of the University of the Third Age. The overall mean SQOL score was

Hemophilia Limits Quality of Sex Life, Two Studies Reveal

Hemophilia Limits Quality of Sex Life, Two Studies Reveal

Sex is a key function of human beings. Its physical, emotional, psychological, and social aspects permeate into many parts of our lives. This chapter covers defining and measuring sexual QoL, and then details sex and QoL in nonclinical populations covering a variety of demographic groups. The chapter concludes with a discussion of ways to enhance QoL by detailing interventions to improve QoL in general and in sex in particular. Skip to main content. This service is more advanced with JavaScript available. Advertisement Hide.

How to amp up the quality of your sex life

Although most patients report that discussing their sexual health with their doctors is helpful, hemophilia significantly affects the quality of their sex lives, according to the results of two studies. Factors such as joint bleeds, chronic pain, bleeding events caused by sexual activity, and lower self-esteem all may contribute to poorer sexual health in these patients. However, information on sexual relationships and satisfaction in hemophilia patients is still lacking. Disease severity was not assessed in HERO, but the inclusion criteria were characteristic of moderate-to-severe hemophilia. Of note, HERO included participants from both developed and emerging countries, who are less likely to have access to effective HIV and hepatitis C virus therapies and, as a result, may experience greater limitations in sex life.
October 25, Quality over quantity is an approach that can lead to a better sex life. Studies show that feeling satisfied with the sexual aspect of their relationship is more important to many people than how often they have sex. How can you start to enhance the quality of your sex life? You may be surprised to know that improving intimacy begins before you ever set foot in the bedroom.