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Though Hidden Beach has undergone a number of changes over the years, it has remained a popular haunt for Minneapolitans to escape and catch some rays. Located on the east side of Cedar Lake, the beach gets its name for the winding pathways one must take in order to finally find the place. However, the beach continues to attract a colorful cast of characters, from reggae musicians to skaters to tattooed twenty-somethings. Another distinguishing feature of Hidden Beach is its very own mud pit. Located east of the beach, visitors have the opportunity to slather themselves in the stuff and rinse off in the lake.

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Cedar Lake East Beach

Formerly known as Hidden Beach, the area used to be obscured down a forested path, which contributed to its rise of prominence in the s and s as enclave of counter-culture. Before , Cedar Lake had a much different shape, and most of the woods surrounding Cedar Lake East Beach, particularly to the south east, were areas of water and wetland. In , the St. In , the Minneapolis and St. Louis Railroad joined the St.
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