Matt and raven big brother

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The two were practically attached at the hip during their time on the show. Instead of playing the game they preferred to play house. So, what happened to Matt and Raven? And are they still together?

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Big Brother’ Couple Raven and Matt Talk Next Steps, Respond to the #ExposeRavenParty

'Big Brother': Matt Clines and Raven Walton - Are They Still Together? | Soap Dirt

My relationship with Matt is something special. We just clicked on many different levels. People will have to stay tuned but I do believe we have a future outside of the house. Walton was evicted from the CBS show just one week after Walton,

Big Brother is a game where strangers compete for money in a house under constant supervision. Some of these showmances became fan favorites and others made viewers want to immediately switch off the television. While Elena and Mark weren't exactly loved and Cody and Jess started off disliked and grew to be loved, the showmance that stuck in fans' heads was Matt and Raven, albeit not for good reasons.
I'm excited. Leaving the Big Brother house also means facing the fans of the show for the first time. They dug up past local news stories about Raven and her family after the dance teacher shared a lot of information with her fellow houseguests on past medical procedures, diseases and family history, that even some of them questioned.