Having sex with a sex doll

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By Claire Toureille For Mailonline. A man who surrounds himself with a collection of sex dolls, who her prefers to the company of people, has left viewers of a shocking Channel 5 documentary feeling 'disturbed'. Me and My Sex Dolls, which aired last night, was the first episode of the new Sex Business series, a three-part docu-series looking into the darkest corners of the sex industry. On the show, several men admitted preferring sex with AI sex dolls to engaging with real women, including one who said he would be leaving money in his will to his collection of elvish dolls. Meanwhile, a man called Shaun - who claims to have no problem 'picking up women' - had sex with one of the dolls on camera, as 'a bucket list sort of thing'.

How To Use A Sex Doll - Silicon Wives Guide

Viewers were shocked by graphic documentary showing men that own sex dolls | Daily Mail Online

Increasing numbers of British men - and women - are secretly seeking companionship with sex dolls and robots, and recently more than one in ten Brits confessed they would romp with a robot. As the courier handed over the enormous box, I gave him a cheeky wink. The silicone head was a nightmare and kept springing out of place. Not a turn-on. It was a struggle as his body was so rigid, in the end I just plonked him on my sofa so I could examine him properly. His piercing blue eyes, plump lips and boyband-like hair was extremely feminine.

Viewers were shocked by graphic documentary showing men that own sex dolls

He says she helps him relieve stress. She never says anything negative. Steenkamp has developed a relationship with the doll and says he takes great care of her. I clean her and make sure she's happy at all times.
My boyfriend and I are very kinky, we have been to countless sex parties, we have had threesomes, group sex, anal and just about anything you can think of we have most likely done it. Hence posting on this blog. The problem is that not much excites us to our core anymore, we have done almost everything and nothing is that much of a surprise to us both anymore. A few weeks ago there was segment on TV all about sex dolls and the types of people who bought them and what they did with them and whilst watching it I turned to my boyfriend and asked him if he would ever try one out, he nodded and said that most of them look so realistic that it would be like having a threesome but without all of the set-ups.