Guys dancing with towels

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Originally posted by dyx. Keep reading. Originally posted by hobinto. Before making sure that all of your curtains are closed, you started dancing over your carpet, the towel from earlier still wrapped around your chest as you opened your closet. Your fingers trailing over the soft materials. After checking yourself in the mirror, you shoved your keys in your bag before waking to the door, heels clicking at every step you take.

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You Would Never Guess That Two Naked Guys Dancing With Towels Could Be This Hilarious!

It is not rare to see people playing with a towel. Actors and actresses in many a Bollywood film have danced their way through playing with a towel, and have shown us the way. And if their agility have impressed you then you must definitely check out the two men who do miraculous things with their towels, in front of large audience. Embarrassing moment s? They tie the towels around themselves, pull it from each other and just when you think the towel would probably drop… You must watch them in action to know what happens. Watch the video here. Click here to join our channel indianexpress and stay updated with the latest headlines.

VIDEO: Two nearly NAKED French men dancing with towels on LIVE TV! Funniest thing ever!

This is unexpectedly entertaining, even for a straight guy. Two naked men dancing with only towels to cover themselves, sounds like a recipe for disaster especially in front of a decently dressed crowd. These guys are original, hilarious, and creative.
I used to find myself sweating often while dancing tango, and this always made me feel uncomfortable. I saw this difference and felt it many times. In fact, one of my worst memories in tango was exactly that: a tanguera pushing me away, and finding an excuse to leave. Back then, I thought she was rude.