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Tessa isn't like the stereotypical idea of a mom. The last time we met, she was taking an hour off from shagging a year-old in east London while he waited for her in their hotel room. Tessa's not her real name, but I can say that she's years-old and was celibate for seven years while she was raising her year-old son on her own. Now that her son's gone to live with her dad, Tessa says she feels like she has her life back.

The Perks of Dating a Cougar

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The myth and legend surrounding the cougar will never fade. What is a MILF? It is always a bit of a surprise to find out everybody has had those same thoughts.
Like he was trying to angrily prod my clitoris to orgasm. I kept saying, 'Gently, gently, try it softer, it feels so good softer. I enjoy the attention, the male body and the ego buzz. I think I gasped seeing him naked. It was certainly very, um, fresh.