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Eris is interested in learning more about the games enjoyed on Earth, so the gang spends the day playing several different kinds. Manami raises the stakes by suggesting some serious prizes, some of Summer's over, class is back in session, and Kio is surprised to see that Eris and Antonia have enrolled at his school. When the gang goes on a field trip to the beach, they soon find their fun Aoi's frustrated by her lack of cooking ability and Manami wants to get better at handling guns. They get a chance to hone their skills in a virtual reality room on the Catian mothership - and both

Cat Planet Cuties

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Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Tall and well endowed, she has easily befriended many people, and regular cats she has met on Earth. Initially most do not believe her to be an alien, but she shows Kio the proof directly with her technology, ears and tail. While she is learning the ways of Earth, she is also a competent fighter who employs strategies and technologies not seen on Earth. Her interactions with Kio are closer and more emotional, potentially due to the fact she is 16 and about to enter her first heat. With the kindness and interest he has shown, she has selected him as a mate.

Cat planet cuties

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