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One of store's owners is Robert Urbinati, 68, a former police officer sentenced in to 33 months in prison for taking bribes from the mob. Urbinati was not available for comment. There is no prostitution at the book store and no illegal drugs, just consenting adults, Lopez said The room also is used for bachelor parties, he said. Melrose Park Mayor Ronald Serpico said he would prefer the book store and party room went elsewhere, but there is nothing that can be done about it. Latest Headlines.

Sex-party room to stay at adult bookstore

Sex-party room to stay at adult bookstore -

I have logged 10 ,count em, 10 years working for an adult bookstore and I think I am more than qualified to offer some helpful tips to make your visit to these shops just a little more enjoyable. Please excuse any grammatical or spelling errors. It is a complete wast of time to become upset when I refuse to shake your hand after you exit the arcade. You just had anonymous sex with a man, woman, tranny, or you just got finished masturbating. Had you grabbed the key to the restroom and washed your hands I might just have considered it, otherwise I have no interest in touching you. You really have no reason to be offended at this one, just think about it for a moment. We offer the options of entering a booth with a window, a glory hole, or a private booth.

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M y neighbor Linda just returned from a daunting first trip to an adult novelty store with her boyfriend. She was shaken and slightly chilled but, luckily, with her sense of humor intact. She is not the sort of person to let her sex drive be destroyed by a retail nightmare, even if it was triple X-rated. Who the hell uses that? And all the videos!
This place is really back in action. Booths are much bigger, well-lit, and have great bench style seats that allow for plenty of action. Staff is friendly an no bothers. Clean and cruisy.