Asian sex techniques

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Practitioners believe that by performing these sexual arts, one can stay in good health, and attain longevity or spiritual advancement. The sexual arts arguably reached their climax between the end of the Han dynasty and the end of the Tang dynasty [ citation needed ]. After AD, Confucian restraining attitudes towards sexuality became stronger, so that by the beginning of the Qing dynasty in , sex was a taboo topic in public life [ citation needed ]. These Confucians alleged that the separation of genders in most social activities existed 2, years ago and suppressed the sexual arts. Because of the taboo surrounding sex, there was much censoring done during the Qing in literature, and the sexual arts disappeared in public life [ citation needed ]. As a result, some of the texts survived only in Japan , and most scholars had no idea that such a different concept of sex existed in early China.

Gendering Sexual Pleasures in Early and Medieval China

Ancient Chinese Fangzhongshu (Sexual Skills and Methods) Therapy for Premature Ejaculation

Table 1 notes some basic background about the source texts: the earliest extant texts dealing with sexual body techniques were found in Mawangdui Tomb Number Three, which was closed in bce. It is the tomb of an aristocrat and contained a large collection of manuscripts written on silk and bamboo slips. The second entry on the timeline of Table 1 is centuries later, and has probably to be dated to about the 6th century ce. Nevertheless, it contains passages that are directly comparable to those from the two Mawangdui texts just mentioned. The Mawangdui text Uniting Yin and Yang He yin yang serves us as introduction to the modular text structure used in many Chinese technical texts of early and medieval times. Its features are basic and simple, and they could easily be modified and varied see Figures 1—2. Citation: Asian Medicine 7, 1 ;


The Chinese Nine is no hard task. All it takes is the right amount of curiosity and openness for innovation in your sex life. The Chinese Nine is a series of shallow and deep thrusts with the penis.
I was very lucky to grow up in a home where sex was a normal topic of conversation. I grew up hearing mostly from my mother that sex was natural and that it is one of the greatest joys in life, if done properly. She even told me stories about her friends who, to her shock and disbelief, had never had orgasms even though they were now in their 40s and 50s with grown kids. This environment naturally shaped my attitude toward sex in what appear to be rather unique ways, based on my conversation with friends, clients and potential clients. I grew up believing that it was normal for women to have orgasms and abnormal for them not to.