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Forgot your password? By snarfies. My first sim was named Angela Hatch, who became a wealthy pornstar and married default sim Luna Villareal, who turned out to own the largest and wealthiest lot in the game - lucky me! They formed a WooHoo orgy club, but holding meetings at home wasn't working out, because sims would wander all over the house, watch TV, play on our computers, and NOT perform any club activities unless directly prompted by playable characters to do so. The 20x20 lot behind the Villareal mansion was open, so I decided to use it to design a venue for our club.

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There was a huge sale on Origin, so I bought about 75 percent of the expansions and various other DLC, and though I started fairly tamely I made myself! And then my housemate! Wicked Whims is a mod, or more accurately, a bunch of mods made by many, many different creators, that adds sex to the game. Now, The Sims technically has sex. But I am no child, Electronic Arts, and neither are the numerous animators and modders that work on Wicked Whims, adding new sex locations and deeds each month.

You Can Start a Sex Club in The Sims 4: Get Together

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If I didn't play in a family area of my home where my kids could walk in at any moment, I'd definitely get Wicked Whims. As it is I watch over my shoulder any time WooHoo is happening. It's more like I don't want the question "Mom why are you watching video game characters having sex under the covers?