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Cyber sex is having an all-out renaissance. As guidelines for physical separation during the coronavirus crisis have become clear — and in-person sex with anyone outside your home has been put on indefinite hold — people have been turning in droves to digital alternatives. OnlyFans gained 3. Talk among regular users on the live-cam site Chaturbate also indicates a recent surge in both viewers and performers. From video chatting with a partner to uploading explicit media on OnlyFans or live camming on Chaturbate, for some, this interim age of virtual horniness involves getting ready for a particular kind of closeup. Others, of course, are perfectly content to watch.

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Webcam sex site pays me £1, A DAY to get naked online, says ‘elite’ camgirl

Amber, 30, works as an "elite camgirl", charging huge fees for her online-only performances to loaded punters. Speaking to The Sun, Amber Kelly — which isn't her real name — revealed how rich, randy men are willing to fork out exorbitant fees for a simple video stream. It's just constant, out of one call and into another one," she revealed. Amber is one of a growing number of women and men, less commonly turning to sexual webcam services to make money. Unlike regular porn, webcam girls can work alone from home in safety, and earn significantly more money. London-based Amber used to work as a stripper, but eventually quit and decided to start camming three years ago. She joined a so-called "elite" agency called Off The Record, which provides ultra-expensive cam sessions.

Webcam sex site pays me £1,000 A DAY to get naked online, says ‘elite’ camgirl

I finally asked her If I could ask her some personal questions, she said sure. Anyway we kept talking and sipping and the conversation got better and it seemed that we were as comfortable as old friends. I told her I had to use the restroom and she pointed me to it. I came out and she was in the kitchen so I joined her, I came up behind her and put my hand on her shoulder and thanked her again for all the good food over the years, she said your very welcome, this is where I got bold or the wine took over, I looked her in the eyes and just kissed her long and passionatly, she had a slightly suprised look on her face but not as suprised as I would have thought, she paused a few seconds and put her hand behind my head and pulled my face back to hers and she kissed me for at least a full 2 minutes, tongues and everything. She told me that only 2 men have ever done that to her before and neither one of them finished the job.
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