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The working group should engage ILO constituents and other experts in discussing and developing international guidelines to harmonize concepts, elaborate statistical definitions, standard lists of criteria and survey tools on forced labour, and to inform the 20th International Conference of Labour Statisticians on the progress made. Based on this decision, the ILO has initiated the " ILO Data Initiative on Modern Slavery ", a global research programme to take stock of national and international initiatives measuring forced labour, human trafficking and slavery, to discuss strengths and limitations of existing methodologies and build a consensus on concepts, statistical definitions and standard list of criteria, survey tools and estimation methodologies which could be used to develop surveys in the future. Forced labour, modern slavery and human trafficking What is forced labour, modern slavery and human trafficking Statistics Sectors and topics Projects News Events Oslo Conference Publications Videos. Global estimates on forced labour Nearly 21 million people - three out of every 1, people worldwide - are victims of forced labour across the world, trapped in jobs which they were coerced or deceived into and which they cannot leave. The Asia-Pacific region accounts for the largest number of forced labourers in the world;

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Human trafficking is complex and dynamic. It is widespread but exact numbers are hard to come by. It follows patterns, but every situation is also unique. There is so much more to learn, and so much misinformation already out there. In , Polaris worked on 10, cases of human trafficking reported to the Polaris-operated U.

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The United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime UNODC released a report earlier this month showing that just over 25, people were detected as being victims of human trafficking in Unfortunately, children are accounting for an increasing share of that total. Back in , 10 percent of all reported trafficking victims were children and that increased to 23 percent in According to the UN, most of the victims detected worldwide were females.
The crime of human trafficking is complex and dynamic, taking place in a wide variety of contexts and difficult to detect. One of the greatest challenges in developing targeted counter-trafficking responses and measuring their impact is the lack of reliable, high-quality data related to the scale of human trafficking and the profile of victims. Eradicating human trafficking is addressed specifically in goals 5. The Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons defines human trafficking or trafficking in persons:. The Protocol further elaborates that the consent of a trafficked person may be rendered irrelevant when obtained through improper means:.