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Okay everyone this is the situation. I please ask that you respect what is discussed in this message. I have been with my boyfriend for just 4 months nearly 5 so it's pretty short term so obviously still in the "lovey-dovey" stage haha. The issue that is bothering me is that since both of us are Christians, he said that he believes in marriage before sex, but I don't. So I feel like the options are to either - get married young early 20s , but my family would very much disapprove of that or to think we're rushing into things too quickly - wait until we're married in our mid-late 20s but obviously its human nature to not want to wait to do "it" - talk about it to him about it but I don't want him to think I'm already ready or becoming desperate to do it.

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User Name Remember Me? Password Donate now! Members List Mark Forums Read. Location: Charlotte, NC. Some of my best sex "moves" I've learned from simply asking female friends for tips almost always asked and answered after several cocktails.