Sex in the city sountrack

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Last update: Jan. Tom Jones with Mousse T. Amber - Taste the Tears 3. Joan Osborne - Righteous Love 4.

Sex and the City [Original TV Soundtrack]

Sex and the City: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - Wikipedia

Skip to Content. For the most part, this is a collection of songs that detail the complexity and variety of emotions found in interpersonal relationships. The songs are not overly-sentimental or over-sexed. Although this is the soundtrack to Sex and the City , there really isn't much sex on the album. Fergie's "Labels or Love" is a love song to designer labels.

Sex and the City [Original TV Soundtrack]

Does anyone know the name of the french hip-hop song playing when Carrie visits Paris? Which is the song playing in the last episode of the 6th season when Miranda is looking for Mary in the street? Which is the song playing in the last episode of the 6th season when Carrie meets her friends after she has returned to New York from Paris and during the credits? Who sings "You've Got the Love"? It's the song that's playing as Carrie is walking down the street in the last scene of the last episode, right?
Why do I put the cart before the horse? The problem is, that I have no emotional attachment to the film , so the soundtrack becomes simply a collective assortment of songs that I am listening to. Track Listing. I was in no way compensated for this post and all opinions are strictly my own.