Sekiro snake eyes shirafuji

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She shares the same model and moveset with Snake Eyes Shirahagi. First, sneak up on Snake Eyes Shirafuji for a free Deathblow. Grapple onto the nearest branch, then again to the next-nearest branch. Do this quickly to avoid the cannonners in the distance. Finally, grapple up to the area where Shirafuji is waiting. Run to the left, jump up on the ledge, and hug the wall, then wait until the enemies reset, then sneak up to her for a Deathblow.

Snake Eyes Shirafuji

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Initially, this is an optional place where you will go only after the defeating Genichiro Ashina in the Ashina Castle. You can bypass the enemy without engaging in battle; he is the guardian of the passage to Fortress. The following description provides tips on combat and the exact location of the boss. Location : Sunken valley [nearest checkpoint: Valley under the chapel]. This is the boss you encounter later in the game, in the Sunken Valley it is behind the Ashina Castle , following the reservoir on the way down. When you reach the second campfire Valley below the chapel located on the slope, you have to jump down and grab yourself to a protruding tree.

Sekiro: How to Defeat Snake Eyes Shirahagi and Snake Eyes Shirafuji

She shares the same model and moveset with Snake Eyes Shirafuji. A slow but sure way is to trick her onto the roof one of the two huts in the area. She will get "stuck" on there, doing her combo but none of them will connect, even the shots.
She's one of two bosses responsible for guarding the entrances to the Gun Fort and is located on a platform between the Sunken Valley and the Gun Fort Idols. From the Sunken Valley Idol, jump from the cliff but be immediately ready to grapple the trees as you're falling. From here you'll want to move quickly from platform to platform to avoid the gunfire from enemies in the area.