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The Journey of Frazier 444

Niedria D. Kenny FreelySpeaking🎤 — Playing mommy to someone else’s kids In a world

She was tired of pains in the ass who ran the agencies — all of them asses in their own ways. At the start of her career, she truly believed they were all in this together. Agencies would work hand in hand to guarantee the safety of Americans, promote American ideals of freedom and democracy, work as a force of good in the world. Then she let the CIA take credit for an operation she largely ran where lives were saved and a real difference was made for a generations of citizens far from home. That cost her division promotions, millions in budget allocations and several staffers who were recruited away with promises of promotions and better access to cash. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice — well, that was not happening. Instead, Hetty learned how the game was played.

These Men Spend Their Nights Playing Mom To Orphaned Baby Elephants

So fuck you. I want to love and appreciate her while I have the chance. My mom?
What it became was so much more than just me quoting my parents. The song has taken on a life of its own and is such a personal reflection of what I think a young woman should hear growing up. As girls in this world, we are taught to balance being safe, quiet, and pretty. But what about being smart, loving yourself and taking a risk to follow your dream? Those were the breed of conversations I was lucky enough to have growing up.