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Nude prisoners were kept in a central area, and walked around as a form of humiliation. There's a scene in which a nude Amy Elliott-Dunne, played with committed gusto by Rosamund Pike, is washing off in the shower. On a busy Manhattan thoroughfare, the artist Andy Golub painted the bodies of nude models. However, in all his work, even in many of the nude portraits he took, there are veils, whether of glass or fabric or color washes. He is known for his edgy, often nude photos of girls out on the town and for documenting his late night antics. Beside him, a diminutive figure of a nude boy holding a strigil.

Sofia Hayat defends her nude posts before the sacred Om symbol

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Sofia got herself in trouble when she posted a nude picture of herself bowing down before the holy symbol. She faced widespread flak for the move. According to republicworld. I would have shown you beautiful breasts and nipples, but some people are offended with naked Goddesses!
Bhubaneswar: Controversy queen Sofia Hayat has once again created a storm on social media by posting a butt-naked picture of herself, clicked in front of an Om painting. Draped in a transparent saree, Sofia is seen posing in front of the Om painting, thereby hurting the religious sentiments of many. We are souls dressed up in sacred biochemical garments and our bodies are the instruments through which our souls play their music.