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Selling an option creates an the obligation of the seller to provide the option buyer with the underlying shares or futures contract for a corresponding long position for a call option or the cash necessary for a corresponding short position for a put option at expiration. If the seller has no ownership of the underlying asset or the corresponding cash necessary for execution of a put option, then the seller will need to acquire it at expiration based on current market prices. With no protection from the price volatility, such positions are considered highly vulnerable to loss and thus referred to as uncovered, or more colloquially, as naked. Naked options are attractive to traders and investors because they have the expected volatility built into the price.

Naked Option

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What does your risk profile look like? A financial education in this article offers multiple ways to generate income from options strategies. You may have heard of a few—like selling covered calls or naked puts. Some options strategies utilize only options with nothing to back them while others combine your stock positions with options. When you own a naked option, you hold an option without holding the underlying security like the stock the option is for.

Naked call

Naked short selling , or naked shorting , is the practice of short-selling a tradable asset of any kind without first borrowing the security or ensuring that the security can be borrowed, as is conventionally done in a short sale. When the seller does not obtain the shares within the required time frame, the result is known as a " failure to deliver " "FTD". The transaction generally remains open until the shares are acquired by the seller, or the seller's broker settles the trade.
A naked call occurs when a speculator writes sells a call option on a security without ownership of that security. It is one of the riskiest options strategies because it carries unlimited risk as opposed to a naked put , where the maximum loss occurs if the stock falls to zero. A naked call is similar to a covered call in that the trader is selling the call option for an initial premium, however unlike the covered call, they do not own the corresponding amount of stock.