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On Tuesday I was in Las Vegas again , and my trip had me thinking about butts. Sometimes my body decides to stage a full-on menstrual revolt replete with cramps and some migraine-like symptoms—which I guess kinda make sense if you believe that migraines can be triggered by hormonal cycles. That last sentence was a joke. It could be worse, but I still envy women who always know when their three magically pain-free days of moderate bleeding are going to happen. I turned on the television to distract myself from my internal grumble-rant and stumbled upon this survival reality show called Naked and Afraid. Every episode pairs a man and a woman who have above-average survival experience or knowledge.

Stoya in Praise of the Posterior, AKA the Butt

VICE - Stoya in Praise of the Posterior, AKA the Butt

I didn't know people actually watched that crap. I saw about 2 minutes of it and changed the channel. Honestly, you should give it a chance. It is incredible what thesepeople endure, all all the things I can't understand how they handle, it is the bugs, they are basically being eaten for 21 straight days by mosquitoes and the like. Best looking babe I've seen on the show.. She also had a very positive, upbeat attitude. Yea she was awesome in a lot of ways.


This show was physically and mentally the most excruciating experience each time I had done it. My first challenge happened in late and my last one in the summer of I must say with a heavy heart that I have decided to not partake in any future challenges. I also want to step away from being in the public eye, the TV media, and on an international stage.
Start by using all four fingers with firm yet gentle pressure against the outside of her pussy. Do not charge in with a single finger and start jabbing at things. Treat each one as though you have never encountered one before. Forget everything that your last partner liked. Most women like to be fucked, and fucked well.