Man strips naked

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Edmonton physical trainer and outdoorsman Michael Dietrich not only survived but won "Naked and Afraid. A local physical trainer and outdoorsman, Dietrich decided to try stripping down and surviving 21 days in a Colombian jungle last summer, after he was challenged on Instagram. What makes YOU really happy? Next thing I knew, I was on Naked and Afraid. Dietrich had two partners taking the challenge with him. As is the show's tradition, they were not given any food, blankets or even clothing.

Florida man strips naked after crashing into car, investigators say

Edmonton man strips down for 'Naked and Afraid' and wins | CTV News

Prosecutors will allege high quality CCTV cameras installed inside an East Corrimal house caught the year-old red-handed and bare-bummed as he carried out a daring robbery on Wednesday morning. Police claim it was just after 6am when Hall gained entry to the house by removing a fly screen and forcing open the bathroom window. He allegedly climbed through the window and stood on a box inside the premises, causing the box to partially collapse. Read more: Illawarra junior ref kept secret sex files on underage girls, court hears. Apparently distracted, Hall allegedly left a small black and grey screwdriver on the external window sill before entering. CCTV footage allegedly captures Hall walk through the ground floor into a room at the front of the house, while four out of the five occupants were asleep upstairs and the fifth was taking a shower.

Man Strips Naked Inside Senate Office Building

An Ohio man stripped naked in the middle of traffic claiming to be Jesus on Wednesday, April 29th. OK, let's suppose Jesus Christ came back as promised. It's not like he's stopping by the Gap real quick.
Some of them will shock you. Here are 10 of our favorites. All rights reserved. Brennan, 49, stripped naked at Portland International Airport April 17, , as a protest against airport security screeners. The Portland man was arrested for investigation of indecent exposure and disorderly conduct.