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Sunsets over the Mekong River. The alms giving ceremonies We mentioned the most famous one in Luang Prabang , but no matter where you are in Laos, if you rise with the sun, you can watch as dozens of Buddhist monks, draped in their bright orange robes and carrying their pots, make their way around town collecting food from the faithful. Outdoor cooking Much of Lao life still takes place outside, including family meals. Sticky rice steams on wicker baskets set over big pots of boiling water, as the family grills meat and eats right outside together around the fire. Fresh fruit shakes Sold on the street for 5, kip roughly 60 cents , these are perfectly fresh and delicious any time of day. The story behind the mysterious Plain of Jars The jury is out as to which of the theories is per cent correct, but these Stone Age artifacts cover the plateau outside of Phonsavan in Northern Laos, and are considered as significant and mysterious as Stonehenge or the Maoi statues of the Easter Islands.

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We flew out from Siem Reap to Vientiane with a short stop over in Pakse. Pakse in the South of Laos has a tiny airport where you have to walk from the plane into a small building. Human being I suppose?!? The process was very smooth.

The Hmong Village – Laos (Trek Day 1)

All rights reserved. The U. How does a country recover? Finally, right there on a busy main street of Phonsavan, the provincial capital, I found it: a giant pile of bomb casings left over from the American bombing campaign in Laos , a stupendous and futile torrent of airborne destruction. And just beyond the junk heap of weaponry, a new ATM machine.
Traveling to Laos from Vietnam is an interesting journey to say the least. You have three travel options, depending on where you are coming from: bus, plane, or boat. There are no trains in Laos. I recommend taking a VIP sleeper bus.