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The beautiful brunette rises from the pool naked, water cascading down her back. The Miami sunshine is so mercilessly bright that the revealing scene would be a challenge for any actress, much less one doing her first nude scene. Asked about that scene early in the drama Magic City, which starts tomorrow, Jessica Marais says that it was not only her first nude scene but her first day on the set of the eight-part series and to handle it she channelled the personality of her character - gangster's wife Lily Diamond. In a vote of confidence, the US network which commissioned the show ordered another eight parts before the first episode had screened.

Jessica Marais shapes up for US TV series Magic City

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Jessica Marais was everywhere on Australian television last year. And she hadn't even turned 30 yet. So it's a bit odd she's not up for a Gold Logie this year, when several other stars who've already won gold are nominated for a second time. Mightn't this tend to support the assertion that the Logies lack credibility? Not at all, Marais says.

Jessica Marais on Love Child, the Logies and getting naked on screen

She also co-starred on the American drama series Magic City. Six months after arriving in Australia, Marais' father Tony died from a heart attack while returning from a family picnic. Marais and her younger sister Clara were raised by her mother Karen.
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