I had sex with my mom stories

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When I was a kid my parents had a bad relationship. My dad would come and go every few months. Finally leaving for good when I was It was at that time I awoke one night to the sound of people having sex.

Fucked My Mom

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This is a short story, I was 13 years old just hitting puberty, I was small build black hair blue eyes. My mother was young in her early thirties. She was hot brown hair body shaped like an hour glass with 34c breasts. My father had just left for a week on a business trip.

Me and mom alone in bed

Two weeks after my sister Emily and I started having sex, and the truth of my parents having sex with my sister came out, I started to see my mother in a whole different light. She had dark brown hair and blue eyes. She had C cup breasts, with a full figured body. Brittany and I had sex for the first time, exactly two weeks after I lost my virginity to Emily.
There is no doubt that my mother was beautiful, she was 41, looked at least 8 or 10 years younger, with almost the same body she had when she was a high school cheer leader. My father had died in an auto accident when I was 6 and she had not remarried. Mom had a well paying job in the finance department of an international electronics company and with a substantial inheritance from her father we lived comfortably.