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There are a few reasons why we watch hentai, but obviously, we watch hentai for the constant nudity and sex. Welcome to the world of the hardcore. In an obviously lewd version of Japanese society, dropouts, or the people who failed to be admitted to universities, are forced to work as public sex servants and help aspiring students to study and contribute to society. Niimi is a student who studies hard and in order for him to not become a dropout, Shichijo Reika, a student at the top of her class, comes in and helps relieve his sexual desires so he can study better. Is Reika a dropout?

10 Hardcore Anime That Aren't for the Faint of Heart

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None of that kiddy "KIll la Kill" or "One Punch Man" garbage that can't even tell the difference between plot, exposition, and fanservice. Hell, you should only take these recommendations if you have a basic grasp of how the Japanese language works. Called Problem Child in the west, this hardcore anime stars Micheal Oliver as Izayoi Sakamaki, an orphan that has been terrorizing families and moving from foster care to foster care until he is finally adopted by Jin Russel played by John Ritter. This anime is so hardcore, it is infamously known as the only anime Micheal Richards starred in after the hit anime Seinfeld, since his career was a little shaky after that whole "Bee Movie" debacle.

Top 10 Hardcore Anime Series

Dutch production, dutch language. Covers are in the post. Starring: Helen Duval, Mirjam, Shelly, Sheila. Dutch production, dutch language. Covers are in the post.
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