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Being in the moment when you are spending quality time with loved ones. You know what makes it even harder? So what normally happens? You either A. Save the content and try to remember to post later and usually forget , or B. You throw on a cute GIF, add a tag and call it a day.

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How naive were we before Mean Girls? So on the 11th anniversary of the movie that taught us about Glen Coco , we're brushing up on Regina's most memorable fashion moments and quite a few others. Scroll down to study up. You may have to sacrifice fashion for friendship.

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My friend Judy used to always say that whenever she met another Judy, she knew exactly how old that Judy was—to the day. Now that level of precision might be a bit of a stretch, but, as the above map wonderfully shows, there's good reason for that line of thinking. The most popular baby girl names in the United States are flashes in the pan—each one appearing on the map briefly, before being swept out by an up-and-comer.
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