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Anyone with an interest in Japan should learn a little Japanese, I really believe. Daily life is much better when you know a few key phrases: Hello. My name is. May I? No really, please.

Why I’d Never Move to Japan Again

Why you shouldn’t learn Japanese - Japan Today

Heart My Backpack uses affiliate links, which means that if you make a purchase through my links, I may earn an affiliate commission. When I ended up moving to Japan again at 22, I quickly fell in love all over. But the best part? There my school would put me up in a cozy mountain lodge and give me some extra money for the inconvenience. Because, you know, spending a few days a month at a monkey-inhabited mountain paradise was SUPER inconvenient.

Why you shouldn’t learn Japanese

All rights reserved. A photographer explores the hidden world of the hikikomori , and the human bonds that draw them out. It is both modern and traditional, bustling and very lonely. Restaurants and bars are always full, but if you pay close attention, most are packed with customers eating alone.
Spending 2 weeks in Japan allows you to get a taste for much of the country and maybe leave you wanting more. So, why should you trust me? For you book lovers, I created my itinerary with these Japan travel books.